Why our partners need Christmas gifts in the summer

Clean water is a gift in the HOH gift catalogA few weeks ago, you may have gotten a Harvest of Hope gift catalog in you mailbox and thought, “It’s not Christmas!?”
You’re right. We have decided to instate a new holiday, called “Christmas in Summer.” Why? Because the needs listed in the HOH gift catalog at Christmas time are not seasonal. They last all year.
This summer, we picked out some of the biggest needs and featured them in our first summer Harvest of Hope gift catalog. Our hope is to inspire the kind of giving that happens at Christmas all year round. You’ve been generous at Christmas, and we know that generosity isn’t seasonal either.
The truth is, these needs can’t wait till Christmas. A family in in Ghana needs a farm animal now. A woman in India seeks vocational training now. And a church planter in Cambodia needs Bibles in His language so he can effectively share the Gospel – now.
Take Mary, a woman from Jerusalem, for example.
There is a strong tradition of oral storytelling in Arab culture. Audio Bibles are an effective way to communicate the Good News.
These audio Bibles are designed in a creative way. They are solar powered and can be used with headphones or with their inbuilt speaker. In certain communities, owning a Bible is unacceptable or even dangerous. The audio Bibles convert to a radio when discretion is necessary.
Mary* received an audio Bible from our ministry partner in Israel. She lives with her sister, who is a believer, and her brother who suffers from mental illness. On our partner’s first visit, they noticed that Mary was interested in learning more about the Lord, but she cannot read and write.
Our team returned to their home and gave her an audio Bible. She was delighted! Mary has been enjoying learning as she listens to God’s Word, and her sister has been assisting her by explaining anything that she doesn’t understand.
Imagine if the ministry partner didn’t have an oral Bible for her when they visited. But they did, because of supporters like you. But there are many more like Mary who are waiting for their own Bible.
Oral Bibles are just one example of the gifts you have given to places in great need, both physically and spiritually.
Would you consider giving a Christmas gift this summer through our Harvest of Hope gift catalog to someone in the least reached places today?
Choose a gift here.


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