Christian TV Station Provides Comfort for Struggling Woman

Christian TV Station Provides Comfort for Struggling WomanA woman that we know had been unable to find peace with her husband or her children for several months because they had regular arguments, threats, and fights. Her husband drinks and spends all his money on alcohol. Their fights normally ended with beatings and humiliation, and after one of them this woman, deeply discouraged by her fate, could not sleep. She spent the whole night crying and asking God to forgive her, because she would rather die than continue this life of misery.

Since she could not sleep, so she turned on the TV and start searching, without really looking for a precise channel. At a certain moment, she found a Christian TV channel called Kabyle (language Berber) that she was attracted to because she was Kabyle too, as well as illiterate. She stopped and listened to the program, and this is what she said about it: “They all spoke as if they were addressing me. I did not even know about the existence of Christianity in Kabyle.” She kept looking and heard a song in Kabyle. “What a wonderful thing it was to hear a song that speaks of God in my language!”

The Christian TV station was a wonderful discovery, and the words she heard comforted her and gave her peace. It became for her a kind of shelter, where she went every night when her husband went to sleep or when she was not at home. It was through these programs that she learned God loves her, Jesus is a Savior, how to pray, and how to recover hope for her family. Even though things have not changed, thanks to this “secret” channel, she always prays and sees small changes as she perseveres and grows her faith in the Lord every day.

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