Christian television used to transform three generations

Scene from one of our Christmas dramas, perhaps one Mrs. Ani watched.

Mrs. Ani* had been watching our TV show regularly and decided on her own to believe! She eventually began asking questions to her boss who is a believer. Her boss had a friend, a female at a local Bible school, who was willing to help disciple Mrs. Ani.


One day while Mrs. Ani was visiting at the Bible School, she caught a glimpse of Mr. P, the star of our weekly Christian television program who also happens to be the retired president of the Bible school. Mrs. Ani suddenly jumped up and ran over to him and hugged him. It is completely uncharacteristic in our part of Asia for men and women who are not family members to touch each other or to be demonstrative with affection in public, so this was quite a shock. But she was so overjoyed to get to meet him since the Lord had used him to bring her to salvation!


Last month, Mrs. Ani was invited to be one of the guests who asked prepared questions relating to the weekly theme on Mr. P’s talk show. She was beaming with joy the whole time. While they were shooting the segment, one of the other Arts Center staff members who handles follow up with media respondents mentioned that she had been texting a lot with a young woman on the southern coast who seemed spiritually open. Mrs. Ani overheard this and asked the young woman’s name. “Ginger.” Upon hearing the answer, she laughed with joy saying, “Yes, that’s my daughter!”


Ani shared that since she believed, she has already brought her mother and two younger sisters to the Lord! Previously, her sisters were quite radical Muslims who demonstrated their orthodoxy by choosing to wear the burqa head coverings exposing only their eyes which is not yet very popular here. Now, her daughter may be open as well! Please pray for the continuing discipleship happening with this extended family.


These transformed lives are a fruit of your prayers and financial gifts to our ministry. Thank you for your part.

*Name changed for security reasons

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