Chinese herb medicine

CHRM June 2017 Update Chinese herb medicine program


The program of supporting HIV patients with Chinese herb medicine is supporting 10 HIV positive people. They boil the medicine and drink it every day. So far, the medicine works very effectively. One of them said, his average CD4 number (A healthy person/immune system is 500-1500) is always more than 500 since he started taking the herbs. Now his CD4 is 660.


Bob’s Story


Bob is an actor living in a large city. He grew up in a rural area. His parents are both living in cities. His mother washes dishes at a restaurant, his father is a labor worker. They have health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes.


Bob started taking Chinese medicine ever since he was diagnosed with HIV, “I’m feel pretty healthy now. Sometimes I almost forget I have HIV. A lot of my friends caught a cold this winter. But I’m FINE!”


Because of his profession, Bob works many hours, but he is very disciplined in taking his medicine every day. Please pray for his continued strength!


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