Children in Distress

PRODEV-Children-Care-CenterEL* is a 16 year old boy who started attending our care center in 2005. When he was younger, his Dad abandoned the family to look for a better life in the capital city.

For the past 11 years, the boy was having one daily meal at the center. He learned his school lessons there, and the project provided for his school materials.

This year, EL got his scientific option baccalaureate degree, with a GOOD mention. Next year he will go to college. When his Dad heard about it, he called the teenager who did not want to talk to him at all. “I will not do that,” said EL.

It required the mediation of the project manager to bring him to change his attitude.

EL is proud that his sister Zwena* also did well at school. The girl was in 3rd grade at secondary school and has been frequenting the center for 10 years. Zwena got a general mark of 17.66 over 20, and she was the head of her entire examination center.

Life has not been tough enough to choke these children’s potential. Thanks to your support, a brighter future and a life according to God’s purpose can be offered to them.

Praise the Lord!

We are receiving more and more requests in the Center. But we still cannot welcome more than the 80 current enrollments. Pray with us that God will help us grow little by little and at the right time.

Names* changed for security reasons. 


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