Charu’s Excited to Share Her Story

IFCM continues to work in uplifting the people in different places in the north. The areas they influence are physical, economic, spiritual, and social needs are addressed by medical camps, tailoring classes, counseling programs, deliverance from various forces through prayers, etc. Several people have come to faith, and their lives have been transformed. Charu* is one of those who is always excited to share her story.

INIC Fall 2019 UpdateCharu comes for a very challenging environment. She and her family came under a lot of attacks from the evil one. Her husband was a drunkard and died because of his addiction. She had three sons, and her second son, too, died because of a brief illness as he also was addicted to alcohol. Her condition was terrible. With sadness filled in her heart and the future seemed so uncertain. How will a widow manage the family with two sons? In the villages, the widows are considered as a bad omen. This was troubling her very much.

Charu’s troubles continued. Her two sons got married, but very soon, she discovered that the youngest son was also addicted to alcohol and had terrible companions. Charu was troubled – she recalled her past – her husband’s death and one of her son’s death due to alcohol. She tried to persuade him to quit drinking, but nothing succeeded. During this time, our field worker happened to visit her village and had an opportunity to share the Gospel message with her and her two sons. She accepted the Gospel but was not bold enough to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She never came to church even though our fieldworker visited her house regularly and prayed for her and her family. But slowly, God was transforming Charu.

One day tragedy struck once again. Her eldest son met with an accident and was severely injured. Without knowing where to go, she turned to Jesus. This was when she started to put her faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and God honored her faith. God transformed her two sons and also brought peace and harmony to the family. The families are delighted.


*Name changed for security.

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