Chanda’s zeal to read the Bible made her literate

Chanda* is from the southern state of India and is from a Dalit (low income) background. She was illiterate when she came to know the Lord. After accepting the Lord Jesus, she began attending a night-school so she could learn how to read the Bible.¬†Upon seeing Chanda’s passion for learning the Bible, her pastor encouraged her to be a Bible-women in their church. Bible-women are Christian women who volunteer or are moderately paid church workers.

Chanda and her husband are agricultural laborers and have four children, three daughters, and one son. They struggle financially, trying to raise their children and make enough money to provide.

Despite the challenges Chanda faced, she served faithfully in her church. Her pastor saw her passion for the Lord and knew her financial need; he sent her to IWILL Holistic Development Training.

JVI March & April 2019

At the beginning of the training, she had doubts about her calling to ministry. As the trainings went on, she received confirmation about her calling to the ministry, which allowed her to let go of her doubts and become confident in the calling. She learned the importance of sharing the Gospel to the unreached people around her village. She decided that she would not only visit believers, she will also share the Gospel to the unreached people groups in her community.

After the training, Chanda went with other members of her church to visit the houses of some unreached people in four different villages. After four years of hard work and visits, she led women from eight different families to the Lord. Thirteen women and five men were baptized and now worship the Lord through her ministry. Praise the Lord.

Prayer Concerns:

  • Pray for Chanda as she continues to work as Bible women in the church and intentionally wants to share the Gospel to the unreached people groups, that the Lord would bless her ministry
  • Pray for the follow-up of new believers. She reported that it has been becoming hard for her to follow-up women from some of the people groups.
  • Pray for her son and daughter-in-law who wants to serve the Lord.
*Name Changed for Security Purposes.

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