Challenges of a Young Church Plant

One of our evangelists, who is serving in Dabonti area, shares this:

I am so happy about what the Lord has done recently through our ministry. He has blessed our work here in such a way that a church has been planted with some 250 new Christians! After this church plant, our largest need was to have a shelter where we could hold our church meetings. Through Ba-Iyaka, we now have a straw hut. For now, our shed will be used to hold church services. At the same time, the ministry launched a literacy program for fifty people in the area, including children. This is a pioneer initiative, knowing that the Dabonti region is sorely lacking in its education opportunities. In this village, everyone over the age of ten are totally illiterate. The need is huge.

As a missionary I rejoice because of the accomplishments, and I thank Ba-Iyaka for supporting our work. Now we are preparing for the upcoming rainy season. Once it comes, we will no longer be able to meet under the shed because it is not watertight. With time, we will need to build a facility with different materials, possibly using mud blocks. Prayers and support for this young church are desperately needed.


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  1. Kathleen Hunt

    Thank you for sharing the good work that the Lord has done in your town. I love the picture of all the people. I thank God for the missionaries who are helping to build the building, and also help the people with their literacy. I am praying that God will enable many to learn to read and write and help the education of the town. I am also praying that God will supply the materials to build a new structure for the church. Most importantly, I am praying for the people to know how much God loves them and grow in His grace and wisdom! Kathleen Hunt


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