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  • God prepares husband; then wife

    February 14, 2018 | Northern Sumatra Mission, Indonesia

    We first met Mr. M last August when we saw him sitting alone on the terrace of his house located on the edge of a rice field where he and his wife live. They had a few goats in their yard. The nearest neighbour lives about 100 yards away.   Hearing the Gospel for the … Read more

  • IONS Platform.Raising Rabbits.Nov 2017

    Rabbits open the way for ministry

    February 1, 2018 | Northern Sumatra Mission, Indonesia

    How can we church planters be accepted by local people? When meeting local people and they want to know what our job is, my wife and I introduce ourselves as rabbit breeders. Currently, my wife and I breed 20 adult and 15 young rabbits that live in the hutches we built ourselves outside our house. … Read more