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  • Brother Ami’s Story

    October 24, 2016 | Northern Sumatra Mission, Indonesia

    Brother Ami believed and was baptized in 2012. He is a 48, single, and collects and sells goods to be recycled. He regularly attends discipleship meetings to study the Bible. He has been trained to pass on the Gospel message to others. The first person Brother Ami shared the Gospel with was his mother. In … Read more

  • Indonesia 2008 by Robert Huggins 322

    Dream Confirms Woman’s Decision to Follow Jesus

    October 21, 2016 | Northern Sumatra Mission, Indonesia

    In our area of Indonesia, a man, let’s call him Anto, is a Christian who is being detained in prison for a criminal case. We heard that he had converted back to Islam. When we went to visit him in the jail and asked how he was doing, he said that he pretended to convert … Read more