• IONS 2019 update multiplication big time stockphoto

    Multiplication Big Time!

    February 4, 2020 | Northern Sumatra Mission, Indonesia

    Eyo*, a 60-year-old traditional farmer, claimed to believe in Jesus Christ as his Savior. He is the first person we won to Jesus in his village. We always visited his village once a week to seek people who are open to hearing the Good News. After several months of visiting, we finally met him. After … Read more

  • IONS MAy June 2019

    God Led Us to Them

    August 2, 2019 | Northern Sumatra Mission, Indonesia

    After about a five-month absence, Daud* finally returned to our area. In a meeting with the leaders of a group of believers in January 2019, Eka* shared that his group member, Daud, who had formed a new group of four believers, went to another province to work. His group members weren’t able to meet again, … Read more

  • Visiting in New Areas

    May 21, 2019 | Northern Sumatra Mission, Indonesia

    We visited a new area to expand our ministry so that more local people would have the opportunity to hear the Good News. This area is about an hour and a half away by motorbike. Along the way, we passed through oil palm plantations, rivers, and farmland. Local people were busy. Some were harvesting the … Read more

  • The ripple effect

    The Ripple Effect

    January 28, 2019 | Northern Sumatra Mission, Indonesia

    He was just 54 years old and he died last September. The previous day his wife called us to say that her husband was sick and had just been admitted to the hospital. We immediately went to visit him at the hospital where we met with Mr. SM, his wife, children and grandchildren. They asked … Read more

  • A Little Attention Changes the Mood

    A Little Attention Changes the Mood

    December 9, 2018 | Northern Sumatra Mission, Indonesia

    Discipleship and training with A* had stopped for about a month when he moved to another area. At first, he told us that he only wanted to visit his brother, but later we found out from S*, member of his group, that A* left because there was a problem in his family. A*, a sixty-one-year … Read more

  • Balancing Family and Ministry

    October 10, 2018 | Northern Sumatra Mission, Indonesia

    In the past few months, most of my time has been devoted to caring for my wife, who has been very sick. Because of that, we have spent much less time on our ministry than is normal. Through the whole summer, I shared the Gospel with almost fifty people, and only one of them seemed … Read more

  • A Religious Divide among Brothers

    July 27, 2018 | Northern Sumatra Mission, Indonesia

    At one of our ministry meetings, a local believer named Usma* told us that he had recently brought his brother Rus*, who was a new believer, to meet local people. He intended this as a way to set an example of how to tell others about the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ. Rus watched … Read more

  • Yay, First Group Formed!

    May 22, 2018 | Northern Sumatra Mission, Indonesia

    Pak Ahmu*, aged 61, builds houses for a living. He was baptized in July 2017 five months after he confessed to believe. The first challenge we gave after he was baptized was for him to tell the stories he had heard to Pak Sal*, his friend and coworker. Initially we hoped that Pak Ahmu would … Read more

  • Indonesia TsunamiDevastationPeople Jan2005177

    New Believers Holdout

    May 1, 2018 | Northern Sumatra Mission, Indonesia

    Some new believers who had confessed belief in Jesus as Savior became doubtful after asking others from their Muslim community about Jesus. Last month, this happened with Mr. Uyu and Mr. Uco. Mr. Uyu After hearing the Gospel for the second time, Mr. Uyu, a traditional fisherman, aged 70, confessed his faith in Jesus. The … Read more

  • IONS Baptizing New Believer.Mar 2018

    Local people find the way to forgiveness of sins

    March 22, 2018 | Northern Sumatra Mission, Indonesia

    The first time we met Pak Usma*, he was taking his sick father to our friend who is an acupuncturist. We church planters regularly visit our friend’s acupuncture practice looking for opportunities to share the Good News with the sick or with their family who brought them. The place is about 1.5 hours from our … Read more