• Pivotal Moments

    July 16, 2019 | CGAI

      Testimony: When my younger brother was sick, and doctors could not help, my mom decided to go to missionaries for prayer. Jesus answered their prayers, and my younger brother was healed. After that moment, my mom made a choice to leave all gods and only worship Jesus Christ. At that time, my father worked … Read more

  • God Redeems Broken Situations

    January 4, 2019 | CGAI

    As the Church Growth Association of India (CGAI) ministry, we recently trained 30 bi-vocational leaders to start small groups and to develop local leaders. Seven of them have started 10 small discipleship groups and others are planning to start small groups. This training was conducted in South India. These trainees have the vision to reach … Read more

  • Eliminating Exploitation through Empowerment

    October 18, 2018 | CGAI

    Ekta is a hamlet that is inhabited by 20 tribal families. It’s located outside the town. Most of the adults are non-literates. Women and children are anaemic due to malnutrition. Children have primary education. Legally, tribal land cannot be sold or bought. But practically in this village these people are made landless. This story of … Read more

  • INCG July August 2018 Update Practical Applications of Leadership Training

    Practical Applications of Leadership Training

    August 9, 2018 | CGAI

    We recently organized and hosted a leadership training program to give skills training to those that needed it most, so that they could get better work. This was a collaboration between our ministry and another in the area, and we covered a wide variety of topics. These included: Discipleship development (based on Paul’s strategy) Small … Read more

  • 06 JUN 2018 CGAI

    Creating Awareness for Discipling Student Community

    June 23, 2018 | CGAI

    One of the towns in Eastern India is has been experiencing a lot of growth recently. Most of the old generation in this town have very little education, with many never having received any at all. At present, parents are beginning to show more interest in educating their children, especially in English. To meet this … Read more

  • MAY 2018 CGAI 1

    Career Guidance for Students

    May 18, 2018 | CGAI

    From a parent who brought her daughters for our career guidance program last month: “Two of my daughters are currently in high school. These are crucial years for any child, as this is when they must decide which specialization they want to take with regard to further studies. This training was an eye opener for … Read more

  • APRIL 2018 CGAI

    Transformation Groups Turn a Community Around

    April 20, 2018 | CGAI

    One of the western states of India has nine million farmers, and many of them are in dire straits. Because of the poor conditions and circumstances, there is a high rate of farmer suicide. According to the last available government data, this has happened to about three thousand farmers ever year. Because of the failure … Read more

  • Mission with a Holistic Perspective

    March 25, 2018 | CGAI

    JCA is a network that was formed a few years ago and now has around three hundred pastors spread across one state in India. This network recently organized a three day ‘Church Based Community Transformation’ training. It was attended by twenty-five pastors, including two women leaders. The first session started with them reflecting on and … Read more

  • INCG February 2018 Update Agents of Transformation through Artisan Training

    Agents of Transformation through Artisan Training

    February 18, 2018 | CGAI

    It has been our vision to empower women so that they can become agents of transformation in their neighborhoods. To accomplish this, Transformation Groups (TG’s) are facilitated by our ministry, and we train these women in the habit of saving, developing leadership with right values, and training them with diverse skills in order to earn … Read more

  • INCG January 2018 Update Training Up A Pastor to Train New Pastors

    Training Up a Pastor to Train New Pastors

    February 5, 2018 | CGAI

    When my leaders encouraged me to pastor the local church planted in our village with 55 families, I was reluctant because I am untrained. Up until this point, the church had been led by a trained, full time pastor who was from the same tribe. Though I was reluctant at first, I attended a series … Read more