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  • INBF February 2018 Update From Drunkard to Disciple

    From Drunkard to Disciple

    February 16, 2018 | Bible Faith Mission

    Brother Mohanan was a drunkard. Even though his wife and children used to come to the church for regular worship and all the other meetings, Brother Mohanan never wanted a part of it because of his lifestyle. The Pastor of the church used to meet often with him and tell him about the danger of … Read more

  • An example to our ministry

    An Example for Our Ministry to Follow

    February 4, 2018 | Bible Faith Mission

    Vijayakumar just recently finished his M.Tech in Remote Sensing, allowing him to pursue a career working with satellites and global navigation systems. This is his story and testimony: He grew up with one sister and two brothers. During his childhood, his family went through a difficult financial crisis. They lived just a half-kilometer away from … Read more