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    Family transformed

    November 29, 2016 | National Christian Network

    Hiya comes from a very low-income group family who are mostly farmers. She is married and blessed with four children. One day one of her children became very sick and was admitted to the hospital off and on for two years. Hiya narrates: While I was in the hospital with my daughter I heard about … Read more

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    Harvester Training Brings Hope to Mahima

    November 21, 2016 | Joshua Vision India

    Ms. Mahima* is a new believer. Her family and her whole village opposed her when they came to know that she accepted Jesus. She and three of her friends were persecuted for their faith. They almost died but had a miraculous escape. As of now she is provided shelter by IE Mission. Prior to her … Read more

  • COI - Nov 2016

    Developing Women Leaders

    November 19, 2016 | COI, India

    Our team had a women’s training in the rural areas of UP. Around 300 women have been trained in leadership, women’s health, nutrition and The Word. We have been consistently training women to take up leadership roles. Most of the women are not educated. They lack in taking responsibilities in the community. Our dedicated teams … Read more

  • CGAI - Women - Nov 2016

    Don’t Compartmentalize Mission

    November 18, 2016 | CGAI

    It is always a dichotomy that missions should address only the spiritual needs of the people. Though some are involved in addressing the physical needs; they are limited to meet the emergency needs of the people. These needs include helping the sick or running free schools, hostels and hospitals. It has always been a challenge … Read more

  • SAC Prg - Nov 2016 (Reaching Himalayas)

    SAC Program Impacting Lives

    November 18, 2016 | RHC, Nepal

    By the Grace of God and the prayers from all our partners, the parents of the children in the SAC program attended the parent teacher meeting for the first time. They feared hearing the Good News. We support the needy and helpless children, which has touched the hearts of a few parents and recently two … Read more

  • 29. Medical Checkup


    November 7, 2016 | Bible Faith Mission

    Due to my congenital health problem I have gone through many surgeries over the years, including open heart surgery, and now wear a pacemaker and take insulin. The doctors say that I am a living miracle. They have no medical explanation for how I can do all the activities I do, even more than a … Read more