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  • JOAH February 2018 Update A Talent for Teaching Used for Ministry

    A Talent for Teaching Used for Ministry

    February 24, 2018 | Purpose Haven

    Eighth grade was a very difficult year for me in school. I couldn’t find any school clubs or activities that I was interested in. I thought that everybody had a talent and something to offer in these clubs, and that I didn’t have anything to bring. However, when I started to really enjoy my English … Read more

  • ISSG February 2018 Update Looking Forward to the New Year

    Looking Forward to Ministry in the New Year

    February 6, 2018 | ACC MENA

    Our three areas of ministry, which are relationship building, evangelism, and discipleship, are our core competencies that we use to extend the kingdom of God here in the Holy Land. We came up with strategies to put our God given resources and talents to good use. We are growing in terms of the number of … Read more