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  • The Need for Moving Away from Tradition2

    The Need to Move Away from Tradition

    October 12, 2018 | East Asia Ministries

    We recently met Busang, a skinny man with four brothers, three of whom are monks. The fourth brother had recently left home, leaving his son and wife behind. Busang is looking after them and their four yaks while he is away. He is able to speak broken Mandarin, which he uses for simple communication, and … Read more

  • Spreading the Good News through Teaching Photography

    Spreading the Good News through Teaching Photography

    October 5, 2018 | East Asia Ministries

      Seeing the large amount of young migrant workers struggling in his city, X* was inspired by God one day to start a photography class for them to start as a hobby. He is a passionate Christian and self-learned photographer, and he felt burdened to show and share God’s love through this class. After two … Read more