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    A visiting diary

    July 18, 2017 | East Asia Ministries

      April 28th   Yesterday, I drove down to a Tibetan village. I spent a night there with a Tibetan family. It’s 4,230 meters above sea level. No electricity, no signal. But I ate some good food with the family. They cooked stewed noodle for dinner. It’s a kind of wide pasta noodle. I also … Read more

  • CHWC June 2017 Update a subtle change and children interacting

    A subtle change in little John after tutoring

    July 13, 2017 | East Asia Ministries

        John is ten. His parents are teachers in a secondary school. They are atheists. They feel teaching their little John is a headache. John’s mother saw how another boy changed after coming to our center for a month. She decided to send John to our tutoring center for help.   A lot of … Read more

  • CHTM June 2017 Update men cleaning the garbage truck

    Applying what we learned from training

    July 12, 2017 | East Asia Ministries

      We had taken a disciple making training four times, but didn’t really grasp it or seriously apply it to our ministry. It takes time to digest. It also takes courage to take the first step.   Here is a small city mixed with Tibetans, Han and Hui (Muslim) people groups. Previously, the village head … Read more

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    Chinese herb medicine

    July 8, 2017 | East Asia Ministries

      The program of supporting HIV patients with Chinese herb medicine is supporting 10 HIV positive people. They boil the medicine and drink it every day. So far, the medicine works very effectively. One of them said, his average CD4 number (A healthy person/immune system is 500-1500) is always more than 500 since he started … Read more

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    Holistic churches spring up in urban areas

    July 7, 2017 | East Asia Ministries

      In East Asia traditional churches are big, but introverted. Believers meet inside church walls, singing, praying, and listening to sermons. They have no idea about missions. They don’t share the Good News intentionally. They seldom think about what the neighbors need. At the same time, one city has trained nearly the most seminarians in … Read more