Monthly Archives: December 2017

  • Piano or migrant workers children

    Piano Lessons Help Reach a Community for Christ

    December 30, 2017 | East Asia Ministries

    Brother C* has four children. Several years ago, he graduated from the Migrant Workers’ Bible Training School. After a few years of wandering around the country, he moved back to his hometown to start a small church, which now has eight members. The city that he moved to is one where many families move when … Read more

  • 55 children of single parent signed their names on this map

    Ministering to Children with Our Limited Resources

    December 27, 2017 | East Asia Ministries

    On this plateau where we work, at 4,000 meters altitude, there are so many orphans and children that have only one parent. During the last ten years, we have helped children of despair find hope, found jobs for students who had graduated from high schools, fixed roofs for poor students’ houses, built shelters for homeless … Read more

  • Grass root training of women leaders

    Grass-Roots Training of Women Leaders

    December 23, 2017 | East Asia Ministries

    Having a women’s ministries in rural areas can be a challenge. Training women leaders is crucial to the ministry and all of the work that we do. We do both one-to-one training and group training at the grass-roots level. Praise the Lord that, even though two of our women leaders had to stop working, another … Read more

  • Bee atracted by grapes

    New Life in a New Mission Field

    December 22, 2017 | East Asia Ministries

    The KC Province has a lot of mountains. Forty percent of the population are ethnic minorities. It is one of the most impoverished counties in the country. Altogether, there are fifty counties that are under the poverty line. Local churches in these counties are very introverted. About ten years ago, some Christian businessmen moved to … Read more

  • Searching a direction to live out love in our rural context

    Community Churches Need Revival

    December 21, 2017 | East Asia Ministries

    Until now, most of the churches in our network have been using traditional ways of distributing audio recordings and speaking orally to share the Good News. However, the results have not been as good as we would like. I have been reflecting that if Christians don’t start being real salt and light to those in … Read more

  • The church used to be in this building

    HIV Ministry Forced to Relocate Once Again

    December 20, 2017 | East Asia Ministries

    Recently, we were suddenly notified by the landlord that we had to move to a new location in the next six months. This would be the eighth time we have been forced to relocate. Right now, we have three separate apartments on the same street. One is the office for HIV ministry, one is our … Read more