Monthly Archives: August 2016

  • GHCO Mission Center Extended roof balustrade1.May 2016

    Mission Center

    August 24, 2016 | Christian Outreach Fellowship

    GHCO-Mission Center Extended roof  balustrade1.May 2016

    I visited the site with Rene during his visit. He was excited at the work done so far and encouraged us to continue to work hard and trust in God for the completion of the project. Currently, an extended roof …

  • SEPR PRODEV Disciple Making Mvts training2.Nov 2016

    2Tim. 2: 2 Training

    August 23, 2016 | Christian Outreach Fellowship

    SEPR-PRODEV Disciple Making Mvts trainingOur first training of trainers program for 2016 was held in January from 11th to 16th. The second one took place recently in T. from 26th June – 1st July, 2016. It was held in …

  • GHCO Ghana Huggins 2009 6411

    Church Planter Support

    August 5, 2016 | Christian Outreach Fellowship


    D is a 34 year old farmer who lives in the Upper West Region of Ghana. He is married to two wives and they have seven children. He was born and bred in traditional religion and was taught to make …