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  • NEEW Habanaye Project3.Feb 2016

    Animal Bank-Goat

    August 23, 2016 | Ba-Lyaka

    The Northern Maradi project continues to grow in the sense that some other organizations adopt it to serve the needy people. Even though we have our own challenges as to sustaining the Habbanaye system, beneficiaries of the project judge it helpful. Mantau, a rural pastor said: “My wife benefitted from the Habbanaye project. She received 2 … Read more

  • NEEW goat project 2013 1

    Animal Banks-Goats

    August 2, 2016 | Ba-Lyaka

    We have three centers for our goat banks. Goat Bank #1: This project is doing well. The first phase included 52 women and one man receiving goats (total of 101 goats). This means that 53 homes (30 individuals) were direct beneficiaries. Goat Bank #2: The last half of 2015, this project benefited 12 women and … Read more