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  • By God's Grace

    By God’s Grace

    January 8, 2019 | Christian Outreach Fellowship

      Maaz* is a Muslim background Christian, because of this he faces many challenges on a daily basis. He is the only Christian among his extended family, he is a missionary and he is working towards bringing some of his relatives to Christ. His passion for Jesus is well known by his siblings. He shows … Read more

  • ISM nov and dec update

    Medicine Allows Man to Serve His Family and Town

    January 4, 2019 | ISM, West Africa

    B*, is a Thirty-eight-year-old man who lives in a neighbor district to the Barthimee Hospital, in Thies town. Here, he shares his experience as a frequent patient. He said: I’ve been to the Barthimee Hospital several times. I’ve been there when I suffered from a cold, fatigue and high blood pressure. Every time I have … Read more