Monthly Archives: May 2019

  • ALHH

    1,000 Muslim Background Missionaries

    May 22, 2019 | House of Hope

    We are very excited that God is working mightily in Algeria. You might have heard about the revival; you might have heard about people becoming Christians. But to be here and see it for yourself, then you are reminded how God is so powerful.   In 1988, Imane* and her husband, Sami*, Field Leaders for … Read more

  • SPPM

    Ignite the Flame

    May 11, 2019 | Maghreb Project, North Africa

    We have a friend named Arvio* we work with him in one of the development projects. He was a Muslim man who began to see the love of God as expressed in Jesus Christ. It was a joy to hear him pray, reflect on God’s Word, and ask thoughtful questions. Once Arvio’s family discovered the … Read more