Monthly Archives: June 2018

  • MABJ June 2018 Update Divine Appointment Leads to New House Church

    Divine Appointment Leads to New House Church

    June 22, 2018 | Song of the Sahara

    We have trained each of our national workers who work in our ministry in various capacities. Last year we had a monthly training for church planting, and we began to teach our workers how to start a new church. Brother Jacob recently went through this training, and as a result he created a new church … Read more

  • Camp Opens Her Eyes to a Whole New World

    June 21, 2018 | Maghreb Project, North Africa

    Several years ago, I was surrounded by a group of children, the friends of the nephew of one of my friends. Today these “children” are youth, and my friend has since come to know the Lord. Her nephew, J*, gave his life to the Lord as well, when he was eighteen. His faith began to … Read more

  • AWEMA Jun

    Discipleship Group Leads to Transformed Life

    June 13, 2018 | Arab World Evangelical Ministers' Association

    A couple of AWEMA church planters planted a church over the course of two years in an area in northern Egypt, and subsequently handed it over to the Church of God. We asked one of the youth we served, and who is now an active member of the Church of God in that area, to … Read more

  • ALHH June 2018 Update Womans Healing Brings Village to Christ

    Woman’s Healing Brings Village to Christ

    June 9, 2018 | House of Hope

    A member of our community had been very sick for quite some time. Her husband had taken her to many doctors and specialists, and had even tried witchcraft and sorcery, but she remained unchanged. Some Christians advised her to go to the local church for prayer. They took the advice, and when they were there … Read more