• KESM March April 2019

    Ministering to Muslim Background Believers

    May 30, 2019 | Mchungaji Kundi Moja

    We thank God for His grace and favor as we continue serving. The Orma are a semi-nomadic people group who live in South-Eastern Kenya. They are the remnants of once-powerful Galla / Oromo of Northern Kenya and Ethiopia. They have been pastoralist and predominately Muslim for the past three or four generations. Literature for sharing … Read more

  • ETSI.1

    The Third Phase of Disciple Making Movement Training

    April 6, 2019 | Living Gospel Ethiopia

    Mentoring In our third round of Disciples Making Movement (DMM) Training, we launched another district from March 4th – 6th. Trainees came from many different local churches. We focused on the third Pillar book – How to Make Disciples and we discussed on the following specific issues: radical discipleship, an understanding priesthood of all believers, … Read more

  • training

    The Second Phase of Disciple Making Movement Training

    February 7, 2019 | Living Gospel Ethiopia

    Discipleship Training The Disciple Making Movement’s second phase took place this last December. People came from multiple different local churches, 95% of them were full-time ministers of local churches such as pastors, evangelists and church planters. The training during this second phase focused on the “Holistic Growth of Discipleship.” In the classroom, we held a … Read more

  • Juba Bapt and Discipleship outreach

    Communities Growing in Joy

    January 30, 2019 | AIC South Sudan

    We thank God for your prayers and financial support. We want to share with you just a handful of the testimonies of what God has been doing through AIC-Sudan. My name is Abram*. I am married and a father of two children. I used to be a smoker and an alcoholic and I made home … Read more

  • KESM Women Cultivating

    Small Deeds Add Up to Big Changes

    January 15, 2019 | Mchungaji Kundi Moja

    The Locals are Warming up to the Non-locals Our ministry has four full-term missionaries and two interns who were with us from September 2018 through the end of December. Since Mchungaji Kundi Moja started working here we have seen a lot of development and positive change in the lives of the people in this area. … Read more

  • Four Women Blessed with New Businesses

    Four Women Blessed with New Business

    December 20, 2018 | AIC South Sudan

    We are grateful to Partners International and to God for the great help they are always giving to the African Inland Church women’s ministry. In 2017 the women’s ministry received the amount of $3,000 for microbusiness, the funds were divided as follows: $300 AIC administration cost, $500 for Juba women group. Four additional groups from … Read more

  • Leading well despite the risk

    Leading Well Despite the Risk

    December 13, 2018 | Mchungaji Kundi Moja

    On the first of November a team of four missionaries and four children serving on the field were evacuated by Missionary Aviation Fellowship aircraft from the field. The security situation had been tense since September. The team went through debriefing and counselling sessions before going back to their homes temporarily. They’re grateful to be able … Read more

  • Advice from a Friend Sets New Direction

    Advice from a Friend Sets New Direction

    November 7, 2018 | Living Gospel Ethiopia

    When he was a young boy (just 12 years old), Zewde got involved with the wrong group of friends. They led him into betting, gambling, and not taking advice from those who advised him to stay away. It kept getting worse, until one day some people he cheated cut his wrist, intending to kill him. … Read more

  • Kato Family Thumbnail

    Pastor Kato Still Behind Bars

    October 17, 2018 | AIC South Sudan

    Full Story Please continue to pray for Pastor Kato, who is part of the leadership team of our ministry partner, the African Inland Church (AIC) of South Sudan, and lead pastor of an AIC church. Police arrested him and other pastors in August, falsely accusing them of instigating a mob that stoned a woman to … Read more

  • Transforming Communities through their Children

    October 6, 2018 | Mchungaji Kundi Moja

    Our academy was started in 2000, after we were sent by MKM to be missionaries to the Somali people. At that point there were no good schools among them, and the ones that were in operation, regardless of their quality, were not enough to meet the needs of the many children in the area. Even … Read more