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    Therapy Gives Refugees Hope

    March 2, 2019 | Purpose Haven

    Therapy Activities and Their Benefits Purpose Haven collaborates with another Jordanian church to provide activities for women and child refugees. For the women, we provide dressmaking workshops, home visits, leisure activities, laughs, and prayer. For the children, we organize recreational activities and celebrations. It was the first time that about 15 Syrian women had ever … Read more

  • Escaping the Trauma of Her Past

    October 5, 2018 | Purpose Haven

    We first met Ana* at one of our ministry outreaches. She was a beautiful woman, but wore a desperate face. Her clothing was black from top to bottom, and her eyes were always full of tears. We met her, and came to find out that she had escaped her country, on the run from Islamic … Read more

  • JOAH April 2018 Update God Provides in Times of Financial Need

    God Provides in Times of Financial Need

    April 14, 2018 | Purpose Haven

    This month, we have spent a considerable amount of time moving our ministry to a new location, as we were concerned about security in our previous location. Our landlord recently moved away for good, and since then our center had been robbed on two occasions. Before we signed another three year lease, we had to … Read more

  • JOAH February 2018 Update A Talent for Teaching Used for Ministry

    A Talent for Teaching Used for Ministry

    February 24, 2018 | Purpose Haven

    Eighth grade was a very difficult year for me in school. I couldn’t find any school clubs or activities that I was interested in. I thought that everybody had a talent and something to offer in these clubs, and that I didn’t have anything to bring. However, when I started to really enjoy my English … Read more

  • JOAH September 2017 Update A Sparkle in their Eyes

    A Sparkle in their Eyes

    September 20, 2017 | ACC MENA

    Last week, we started our second English course and an art therapy program for our beloved Iraqi refugees. In the English course, we aim to teach the women ‘survival English’ so they can easily communicate with others when they immigrate. These beneficiaries range from fourteen years old to more than seventy years old. Some took … Read more