• JEO 1

    Answered Prayers

    January 15, 2021 | Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach, Holy Land

    This month, our team visited the home of Adira. She and her eight children often struggle to have enough to eat. One of her sons recently underwent an operation, and they still need to find the money to pay his medical expenses, let alone money for bread. When the family heard that they were going … Read more

  • JEO

    Healing families

    November 24, 2020 | Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach, Holy Land

    As we disciple people, it is always our prayer that our work will impact others beyond the individual, especially their families. A believer we discipled has reconciled with his daughter after he kicked her out of the house. After an argument, he refused to welcome his daughter back. This all changed as we prayed together … Read more

  • ME ISSG July2020 update2

    An Oasis in Troubled Times

    September 28, 2020 | Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach, Holy Land

    COVID-19 continues to spread fear and steal people’s hope in the Holy Land. We are blessed that the Lord has enabled us to reach those most in need with His love. I hope you are encouraged reading about it. We are so grateful for the prayers and support we have received. The need is still … Read more

  • ISSG Jan Feb 2020 update

    Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

    March 27, 2020 | Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach, Holy Land

    When we meet up with people who want to know more about Christ, we pray for their physical and practical needs to be met. Often these needs can become a barrier between someone and God. It is a blessing when we see someone growing in faith despite facing difficulties. Shmuel is a young man that … Read more

  • ISSG May June 2019 1

    Distributing Bibles

    June 22, 2019 | Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach, Holy Land

    In our ministry, we serve Christian believers to grow more in faith and to affect the communities around them. It can also be difficult for Christians in the Holy Land to obtain Christian literature, such as Children’s Bibles, in their own language. We believe distributing Bibles is a vital ministry because we know the power … Read more

  • JEO march April 2019

    Softening Hearts in the Holy Land

    March 30, 2019 | Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach, Holy Land

    We are privileged to be in the Holy Land where Jesus walked. This gives us the opportunity to take Muslims and nominal Christians to biblical sights to teach them the history of that place. This is a unique ministry in the area, the archeological education we give on-site demonstrates the authenticity of the Bible. Seeing … Read more

  • ISSG

    Update From Our Christmas Season

    February 16, 2019 | Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach, Holy Land

    The winter season is busy for us, but in the midst of the business, God is moving. We want to share with you how our Christmas season went this year. We had a great winter season, one of the significant parts was our Christmas outreach events we hosted for children. Children enjoy the Christmas season … Read more

  • The Connect Café

    December 27, 2018 | Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach, Holy Land

    Our Connect Café is the only café with a Christian ethos in our area. It’s a place for people to Connect with the community and with God. We do our best to create a welcoming atmosphere, our helpful team builds relationships with those who come through our doors. We bless the locals by providing job … Read more

  • Bibles for the New Generation

    Bibles for the New Generation

    September 24, 2018 | Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach, Holy Land

    Students are starting a new school year this month, and with this new year brings us new opportunities to bring the Word of God into the hands of this young generation. We were able to give out Bibles to these students at their schools, and during our distribution we shared with them Bible stories of … Read more

  • ISSG 06

    Window Display Acts as Gateway to the Gospel

    June 6, 2018 | Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach, Holy Land

    As O* was walking by our bookshop recently he noticed our ‘Word in the Window’ – which is our daily Bible verse that we have on display – and stopped to read it. He stood there about one minute, until he felt the courage to come inside and ask questions about the Christian faith. We … Read more