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  • MK CBFH Oct 2020 training update 1

    Encouragement Through Training

    January 19, 2021 | Fountain of Hope

    Kimhorng, who recently attended a Women’s Leadership Development training, shares her story: “Since 2016, I’ve been blessed to know Fountain of Hope, a local Christian ministry. My husband met them first. In the beginning, I was only involved with collecting seeds for my husband. Then I connected with the team a few months later when … Read more

  • MK CBFH Oct 2020 Bible distribution update 1

    Distributing the Word

    January 5, 2021 | Fountain of Hope

    During the last few months, our ministry distributed 51 Bibles to people who recently completed one of our training programs in Cambodia. We praise the Lord that these brothers and sisters are being impacted by the Word of the Lord and are starting the journey of discovering what the Lord has in store for them. … Read more