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  • Thanks and Prayer Requests

    August 28, 2015 | Partners International

      We are grateful to you for helping expand the Lord’s Kingdom in Central Asia. We are all a part of His body, and as a partners we can bring lots of changes in the name of our Lord. May He bless you abundantly, and give peace to your hearts!   Prayer Requests For wisdom … Read more

  • Alatoo Community Development Ministry Update Spring 2015.pdf Adobe Reader1

    Healthy Life for Community Development

    August 11, 2015 | Partners International

      This project started in two villages in January 2014. Neighborhood trainings were held from January to December in two rounds. School trainings were held for teachers and students from September to December 2014. The training covered introductory nutrition, hygiene, forgiveness, HIV/AIDS, anemia, hypertension, cold and flu, and women’s diseases. A second round also covered … Read more