Monthly Archives: April 2017

  • NEEW micro loans and funds for goats project in Nakikarfi 2013 5

    Micro-Loans Change Lives

    April 29, 2017 | ISM, West Africa

    Natalie* is a 40 years old country woman who lives 108 miles away from the Capital city. She is married to a farmer and they have many children. Natalie* discovered the microloan program when a worker decided to reach out to their village. Without her knowing, the program was chosen to bless her especially. Natalie* … Read more

  • Seminary prof turns missionary!

    April 27, 2017 | Kawkikete Community Outreach

    From 1982 to 2016, Pastor L* taught in a seminary and had trained 873 pastors who are in the ministry. Then God completely changed the direction of his service for the purpose He only knows. It all started when a deacon lady from another church shared a vision she received from God on the Bokurug … Read more

  • Bees and latrines open the way

    April 27, 2017 | Maghreb Project, North Africa

    In the midst of so many activities, we at Maghreb Project can tell you that the Lord has been faithful and we have been able to advance, not only in the development work, but also in sharing the Good News. We finally bought the bee hives. People are now working in the apiculture project. We … Read more

  • Rejected gift impact’s sister forever

    April 27, 2017 | House of Hope

    There was a girl in our North African region named Thamara. She was despised by her family and didn’t receive any consideration from them because she was a girl. Thamara had severe back pain, so much that she couldn’t do any house chores like cleaning. She considered killing herself on several occasions. Thamara had a sister … Read more

  • Ministry plans key training event

    April 27, 2017 | Indonesian Church Growth Network

    The second week of May, Indonesian Church Growth Network will join with others in training 20 or more church planters to become trainers and mentors in our village lay training. This training of trainers (T4T) is preparation for our training in four or more locations in Indonesia to take place through 2017. In those locations, … Read more

  • Urgent Prayer Needed for South Sudan

    April 27, 2017 | AIC South Sudan

    Our brothers in Parajok, South Sudan, were forced to flee into Uganda earlier this month (April) when a battle between government and rebel troops erupted. It is believed the area is a rebel hideout.   It is reported that over 130 people were killed in Parajok center. More than 20 young men were killed inside … Read more

  • On the way home

    April 27, 2017 | Northern Sumatra Mission, Indonesia

    Some of those who come to faith we in Northern Sumatra Mission meet by “chance,” but we know who is directing our steps! As Albert*, a member of the DONS 1 team, passed a village, a man who was waiting at the side of the road waved to him. Turns out, this man, Mr. AT*, … Read more

  • Youth learn to sing their own songs in northern Ethiopia

    April 26, 2017 | Living Gospel Ethiopia

        This time Living Gospel Ethiopia held our training in northern Ethiopia. The church in this area is made up of orthodox or cultural believers. This is the area where the church once flourished, but today, there are only 17 local churches. One encouraging thing is that since our previous training, three new churches have been … Read more

  • Fiery Furnace too real for Mekong believers

    April 25, 2017 | River of Life Church, Cambodia

    Few of the Christian leaders in the Mekong have the luxury of going to Bible school. Many have grown up with Buddhist and animistic practices as part of their cultural and spiritual understanding. It’s crucial that leaders be instilled with solid Biblical doctrine. In several ministries in the Mekong that Partners International helps support, we … Read more

  • ISSG April 2017 Update woman and juice

    Woman in need

    April 20, 2017 | Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach, Holy Land

      May* had a painful childhood experience with her step mom and her dad. They used to abuse her physically and they made her leave school so she could stay at home to work. At the age of 16 her parents forced her to get married to a man she didn’t like and her husband … Read more