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  • GHCO Rene Mbongo visits accused women in Guchegu village July 2014

    Rehabilitation for Alleged Witches

    August 31, 2015 | Christian Outreach Fellowship

    The 46 women at an Alleged Witches Camp are doing well. They harvested five bags of corn in November from their three-acre maize farm. The low yield is a result of less rainfall. I attended a conference in Accra on closure of “witch camps” across our country. The conference was organized by the Ministry of … Read more

  • Women’s Skills yield Income with the Help of Micro-Enterprise Loans

    August 29, 2015 | ISM, West Africa

      Small loans were made available through seven women’s groups. The loans help many village women to develop small trades such as soap- making, tie-dye, and animal husbandry. Over the next six months, we will monitor the groups that have received the latest funding. The loans help build bridges to Christian and Muslim women in … Read more

  • Thanks and Prayer Requests

    August 28, 2015 | Partners International

      We are grateful to you for helping expand the Lord’s Kingdom in Central Asia. We are all a part of His body, and as a partners we can bring lots of changes in the name of our Lord. May He bless you abundantly, and give peace to your hearts!   Prayer Requests For wisdom … Read more

  • SEPR SIU Bridges 1 training in Hitou Senegal 2013 7

    Community Development Training

    August 24, 2015 | PRODEV, Senegal

      We also held community development training, attended by an average of 40 people from 10 churches. They discovered that every church has the potential to bring Kingdom transformation in its own setting, with limited local resources. A group from the discipleship school from YWAM was part of the event. Out of the training, each … Read more

  • CGAI Ministry Update Spring 2015.pdf Adobe Reader1

    Storytelling Seminars equip Non-literate Workers

    August 20, 2015 | Vasanth & Mano

      These church planters are actively involved and working among oral learners. Through our trainings, we have seen a tremendous impact in Odisha. We are watching the training being taken to different levels. We go and train the local leaders and start Bible study groups, which become the seedbed for planting churches. Since our training … Read more

  • INBF Dalit woman praying 20111

    Mutual Encouragement from Women’s Leadership Training

    August 19, 2015 | Bible Faith Mission

      Last October, three women from Partners International visited our BFM headquarters and spent a day with about 80 women from our churches. All the ladies were given opportunities to open their hearts and share their personal and spiritual problems. Saleena, a member of a Bible Faith Mission church, shared that the classes and the … Read more

  • Ministry Development Training

    August 19, 2015 | Partners International

      Since 2011, PI has helped us rebuild our staff through regular training and constant encouragement. We are now able to run Roshan Life with some success. We hope that through this continued partnership, we will be fully ready to face future challenges and meet the needs of our local communities. Last year, we trained … Read more

  • Africa Inland Church Ministry Update Spring 2015.pdf Adobe Reader

    Medical Clinic Construction

    August 19, 2015 | AIC South Sudan

      Money from a water project was deviated to help one of AIC’s projects in one village. The AIC community there has initiated the renovation of one of the oldest missionary sites in the area. The building was used as a missionary station for AIC in the1960s. Now the communities are renovating it to become … Read more

  • INOI Borivali street.Feb 2015

    “Blue Edge” to bring Skill Training to the Slums

    August 19, 2015 | Oasis India

      As a result of a study in the slum asking the community’s most pressing needs, Oasis is starting a “Blue Edge” program in April. This six- month course comprises basic computer skills, life skills, spoken English and vocational skills. Oasis already has such a program at its other community development center (in a different … Read more

  • a lady receives her ration of beans

    Relief and Development in the Wake of a Conflict

    August 18, 2015 | Pastor Musa

    The support given by Partners for the victims of a conflict allowed us to support 50 vulnerable families with much needed amenities. These people received help at their hour of need. Two groups each having 40 members meaningfully engaged in productive farming and impacted with God’s kingdom values. Church planters at the fishermen’s project in … Read more