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  • 2010

    75 Years of Lives Changed – 2010

    August 30, 2019 | Partners International

    Our partner DFC, a church planting ministry working to bring the love of Christ to north Sumatra, Indonesia, below, a worker shares the story of selvy. A former drug abuser who came to faith in Christ while in jail in 2009. Selvy’s story is one of the thousands demonstrating the power of your prayers and … Read more

  • 2008

    75 Years of Lives Changed – 2008

    August 16, 2019 | Partners International

    Redeemed from Cairo’s Slums Mary arrived at our doorstep seven years ago. She lived in a small apart­ment where her father kept his sheep and goats. It was so filthy that Mary’s father suffered from severe asthma and was barely able to work. Mary arrived with no socks and a severe infestation of lice. She … Read more

  • 2006

    75 Years of Lives Changed – 2006

    August 2, 2019 | Partners International

     From Zero to a Hero The crowded streets seem to press in as our taxi made its way between the maze of cyclists, auto rickshaws, pedestrians, cows, and cars. I was in the ancient city of Old Hyderabad in Central India. Merchants shouted their wares. Unlike most places in India where women’s brightly colored saris dot … Read more