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  • 1997

    75 Years of Lives Changed – 1997

    May 31, 2019 | Partners International

    Putting Her Neck on the Line for Jesus It’s because of people like Halimah that Partners International seeks to expand its work in Indonesia. Partners staff Bob Savage recently accompanied Regional Coordinator Art Gee to Indonesia to investigate potential new partnerships with indigenous ministries-including the one instrumental in bringing Halimah to Christ. I had known … Read more

  • 1996

    75 Years of Lives Changed – 1996

    May 24, 2019 | Partners International

    A Way To Live With both parents working, Hong was often along as a child on the streets of Hong Kong. He started hanging out with a gang because they had the freedom and got what­ever they wanted. That’s how he started selling heroin. A year later, he was-­hooked on it himself, and his fam­ily … Read more

  • 19995

    75 Years of Lives Changed – 1995

    May 17, 2019 | Partners International

    PEACE IN LIBERIA-AT LAST! Jubilation exploded on the streets of Monrovia when the long-hoped-for news of a peace accord was announced: The war in Liberia has ceased! As all rebel leaders entered the city, signifying their participation in the new power-sharing council, the people cheered. A peace agreement has been signed, and a cease-fire declared. … Read more

  • 1993 1

    75 Years of Lives Changed – 1993

    May 3, 2019 | Partners International

    GENEROSITY OF THE POOR Richard Makunyane and the Hope for South­ern Africa teamwork among the Tswana people of South Africa. South Africa is an expensive place to live, but many of these people earn less than $30 per month. They can only afford to live in slums, where it is common to not have electricity … Read more