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  • 1988

    75 Years of Lives Changed – 1988

    March 29, 2019 | Partners International

    Marriage Counseling with a Difference. Philippines: Evangelista Siodora, director of Phil­ippine Missionary Fellow­ship, has no training in counseling, but he recog­nized something drastic had to be done if marriage was to be saved. He’d been speaking in a church, and after the service, a man approached him with a tragic story. The couple, though both … Read more

  • 1987

    75 Years of Lives Changed -1987

    March 22, 2019 | Partners International

    Brazil: What’s This Book All About? Jim Orr and Marcio Garcia headed their boat 25 miles out into the rough sea. They were on a survey trip to find unevangelized inhabited islands. For two and a half hours the boat tossed and turned like a corkscrew until they finally got close enough to the island … Read more

  • 1986

    75 Years of Lives Changed – 1986

    March 15, 2019 | Partners International

        BOLIVIA: THEY CAN READ! The most exciting event to the villagers of Cashi Cashi is not the performance of the world-famous Devil Dancers of Oruro. In fact, what has really changed this village is that more than a dozen once illiterate people have learned to read their own Quechua language in the last … Read more

  • 1985

    75 Years of Lives Changed – 1985

    March 8, 2019 | Partners International

    EL SALVADOR: A CHANGED DESTINATION ‘Take us to a brothel,” the three young men ordered the taxi driver. The driver, a Christian, remembered Pastor Azzati’s instructions about witnessing the previous Sunday. So rather than berating the men for their sinful tastes, and possibly angering them, he began quoting Scripture. Glancing in his mirror, the taxi … Read more

  • 1984

    75 Years of Lives Changed – 1984

    March 1, 2019 | Partners International

    Hendrick and Ester Nasrani are homesick. For three years the Nasranis and their three children have been in the United States, while Ester has been earning her music degree. She is preparing to teach at the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Indonesia. The Indonesian govern­ment requires that the faculty be well qualified if the school is … Read more