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  • 1967

    75 Years of Lives Forever Changed – 1967

    October 29, 2018 | Partners International

      Mass Movement in Liberia   Deep in the interior of the jungles of Liberia, a remarkable response to the Gospel is growing. In 13 large villages, all previously without any churches or mission stations, the people have joined together and erected church buildings. This they did following evangelistic meetings held by Augustus Marwieh, to … Read more

  • 1966

    75 Years of Lives Forever Changed – 1966

    October 22, 2018 | Partners International

    Unusual Opportunity for Evangelism in West Africa   In Africa there is change and turmoil. The CNEC work in Liberia has recently experienced one if its most encouraging developments. Rev. Augustus Marwieh, who for 6 years had been a leader at the Ricks Institute in Monrovia, returned in September to work among his own people … Read more

  • 1965

    75 Years of Lives Forever Changed – 1965

    October 15, 2018 | Partners International

    My Testimony   In my Buddhist family I often saw my grandmother worshiping idols. My father’s heart was bitter. He refused Christ and was disturbed with life. My grandmother invited a temple god to protect him. One night he disappeared and died in a heavy storm. At 12 I felt that death was horrible and life uncertain. … Read more

  • 1964

    75 Years of Lives Forever Changed – 1964

    October 1, 2018 | Partners International

      In the picture below you see the Rev. Silas Fei Ngo Loh, giving a benediction at the close of the service in which he was ordained along with four other CNEC Native Workers who are now ordained Pastors. It is fascinating to think back into Silas Loh’s life to see how God has led … Read more