Caring for Widows Opens the Door for the Gospel

Many of the widows in the Himalayan region live alone, and they hardly have any support. Some of them have been rejected by their families and they feel unwanted. We are helping these widows, and we have drastically changed the lives of many of them. Today, they receive regular help and support from us. We always tell them that we are not only there to take care of their physical needs, but also to share the love of Jesus with them.

This year we have sixty aging widows who have been recipients of our help and support through the support of Partners International. This support was distributed by the hands of the recently elected leaders of the villages. The widows were overwhelmed at this kindness, and many of them began crying tears of joy. The village leaders have appreciated our help that we have provided these widows, who now live in a better conditions and have reason to be joyful again. This has further opened the doors to share the Gospel.

As we were interacting with this widow in the picture, she shared: “Once I grew older, I could not do much work. My bones started aching, so I could not work any longer, and my family did not care about me. When I came across this ministry, my life changed forever. Every time I receive help from you I want to say thank you.” We have always been open about why we do what we do – it is love of Jesus that compels us to share the love He gives each one of us.

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