Caring for a Nomadic People

Christian Outreach Fellowship’s church planting couple, Ismael and Fatou, along with Ekon, continue to minister to the Fufulde Unreached People Group in Ghana. These people are mainly nomadic and semi-sedentary farmers whose occupation is herding cattle. Sadly, the Fufulde are regularly victims of ethnically based stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination. 

Ekon reports that they are reaching out to a Fufulde nomadic community. They visit in homes and pray for people, including Mallam, the chief of the community. Ismael and Fatou also visit and pray for Zane, who had a mild stroke. They encouraged him to trust Jesus when they presented the Gospel to him. 

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COF’s school, Shalom Academy, currently has four classrooms. They are hoping to expand as the population around the school is increasing and Muslim parents are interested in educating their children in the school.

Since there is no Home Depot or Lowes in the neighborhood, the church planters have to make their own bricks or hire someone to make them. So far, they have molded 200 blocks and brought in iron bars to build additional rooms. As soon as the walls are built and the blocks are laid, the structure will be roofed to enable the children who are now learning under the shade of a tree to move in. They’re praying for provision for roofing sheets and wood.

Ismael and Fatou have asked that you remember them and these requests in prayer.

  • The Lord’s grace and strength to continue to minister to the Fufulde.
  • That the Lord will give them a breakthrough in the G* community to be able to start a fellowship.
  • For Zane to give his life to the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • That the Lord’s healing power will touch the two leaders, Mallam Joro and Alhaji Mamudu.
  • That the Lord will provide the resources so that they can build additional classrooms for Shalom Academy.

 *Names have been changed for security.

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  1. Amin Jeramiah Nguluma

    It is a blessing ministry to minister to the community which are not yet met the Gospel.This community is like Maasai in Tanzania and Kenya. Let God bless you servants of Jesus for this spirit of serving these person


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