Career Guidance for Students

From a parent who brought her daughters for our career guidance program last month: “Two of my daughters are currently in high school. These are crucial years for any child, as this is when they must decide which specialization they want to take with regard to further studies. This training was an eye opener for me, as it helped me to understand that I need to encourage my daughters to take up a specialization based on their interests and aptitudes, rather than simply copying what others are doing.” Overall, 24 boys and girls from grades eight to twelve participated in the program.

We started with the devotional talk: “Understanding Success by Keeping God at the Center of our Lives.” It was based on the parable of rich fool. The main sessions were facilitated by the Ministro Foundation, which has been working among vulnerable youth for many years. The sessions covered the following topics:

  • Personality is not outer appearance but the inner character.
  • Need the right attitude towards life to be effective.
  • Need to understand oneself to select the right career.

The program assessed the personalities, skills, and attitudes of the young boys and girls that attended. This assessment helped them to understand themselves better, and also provided them with suggestions about the types of careers they could pursue based on their personality.

From one of our participants in twelfth grade: “I was not interested in coming to this training, but at the end of the day these sessions helped me to understand myself better. They also gave me guidance on what my options for future careers should be.”

The session ended with the following three golden rules:

  • I will do my best at all times.
  • I will be a blessing to others.
  • I will not be involved in corruption.

Students were also given guidance in coming up with an action plan that they would follow in order to achieve their goal. One of the students shared that “this is the first time that I have had such an opportunity. This training has given me clarity on deciding what course I need to take once I complete this year of school.”


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  1. Sylvian

    Hello, it’s me from Kalimpong West Bengal India. I am a pastor doing ministries I have church and school ministry. Can you help support the needs of the ministry?

    • Partners International

      Thanks for reaching out to us Sylvian. Please email us this request at, we will talk with you further about partnership there. Thank you, God bless you and your ministry.


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