CAMP — a place where all become children

Even when we grow up, being a child is a need that is hidden deep inside all of us. And those of us who still have a chance to become a child, even for a while, are the lucky ones. Maybe that is why being a teacher or a counselor or a caregiver for children is such an amazing calling. When you are surrounded with children you have all rights to become like them… Or you could come to Camp Adonai training for Day Camp teams and get a ticket to childhood!

That is exactly what happened when representatives of 25 churches… hold on… 25!!! Really?! WOW! More than we ever had! So 25 churches sent 80 people to forget their age for three days in May. May 6, 8 and 9. Three full days of training where everyone was able to play games, sing songs, dance, express their creativity and most importantly, explore new depths in His word.

For our team this was the start of our camp season. Those who came for training, it was a day when God challenged them to go and win Central Asian children for His Kingdom.

Challenge? Yes! Ministry to children is not easy in our context. Besides it requires a lot of emotional and spiritual labor. We need to wake up at 5 a.m. and work hard until 10 p.m. But together with the difficulties, this ministry brings indescribable blessing, because when you serve children, you get to the place where you can discover and experience the love of the Father and start sharing His heart full of love for us.

The training for Day Camps 2017 took our participants to the world of Joseph. They followed him throughout his ups and downs, and watched him as he was trained and tested, but even more importantly, loved and cared for by God. They learned that failure is not always a bad thing and hardships are only part of knowing God’s heart and becoming more like Him.

This summer at least 15 Day Camps will be held in one city and its neighboring villages, and also in a new region of our country!

Please pray for preparation and blessing for all these people who will work hard for His Kingdom. Pray for children and youth and their hearts to be open to His word and His love. Also pray for safety for all, and also for any legal issues that could occur.

Thank you for staying with us… and never forget that no matter how old are you, you are beloved babies of your Heavenly Father!

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