Camp Opens Her Eyes to a Whole New World

Several years ago, I was surrounded by a group of children, the friends of the nephew of one of my friends. Today these “children” are youth, and my friend has since come to know the Lord. Her nephew, J*, gave his life to the Lord as well, when he was eighteen.

His faith began to grow, and he began sharing it with his group of childhood friends. Among them, an openness to the Gospel began to develop. Two of them accepted Christ and are now in process of discipleship.

He is very committed to ministry and is working diligently in our organization, with his primary focus being on youth. With the Lord’s help, we took advantage of a youth camp organized by some of our partners in ministry. The event was led by J*.

The camp had an evangelistic focus, which was carried out in a creative manner due to the restrictions area where it was taking place. Youth from several different cities participated. Fifteen young men and women even travelled more than three hundred kilometers to attend. They came from a province in the north where we do development projects. The event was near the coast, and although some of those in attendance had never seen the ocean, the most impactful thing about the week for them was that they were exposed, for the first time, to the message of God’s love and forgiveness.

One of the young women who participated was surprised to see Christians of her own nationality. She had previously thought that everyone was Muslim! The night of the bonfire on the beach, she sang a song with her beautiful voice. Before singing, she said:

“I really came to this event without knowing what it was about. Today I am leaving happy, because I found so much more than I was hoping for. I did not know that in this country, there were people who followed Christ. I have heard a lot of talk about the love of God, but it is the first time that I have experienced it, and I see it in the faces of these people.”

We saw her again towards the end of the week, and she once again delighted us with a song. We shared with her the Lord’s Prayer, sung in Arabic. Her heart was filled with joy, and ours too. We have the conviction that, “He who began a good work is faithful to complete it until the end.”



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