By God’s Grace


By God's GraceMaaz* is a Muslim background Christian, because of this he faces many challenges on a daily basis. He is the only Christian among his extended family, he is a missionary and he is working towards bringing some of his relatives to Christ.

His passion for Jesus is well known by his siblings. He shows them great love, respect, and kindness because he first receives it from Christ. There has been tension in his family because of their different beliefs, but God has been with Maaz. “When my daughter was born… my family was curious to see how I would design the naming ceremony. But by God’s grace I invited them all, honoring them all, and honoring Jesus alone in the blessing prayers”  Maaz explained.

A few weeks ago, by the grace of God, Maaz was able to lead his Muslim aunt to Christ. His Aunt was so excited about this change in her life that after her conversion with Maaz she wanted to share with others. She introduced other Muslim women to Maaz so that they could also hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Aairah*, one of the women that his Aunt brought to him to hear the Gospel, also gave her life to Christ.

As of now, the Muslims that Maaz ministers to are afraid to boldly identify as Christians. It’s heartwarming to know that they have heard the Gospel and have accepted Jesus as their Lord, even if it is secretly for now. Hopefully, with the necessary discipleship from Maaz and his team, these Muslim background believers will be able to stand boldly for Christ publicly, even despite persecution.

Please pray for Maaz, his team, and family as well as other Muslim converts.

Thank you.


*Names have been changed for security purposes

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