Building into Young Lives

Greetings from our warm and beautiful Central Asian country. Summer is the time when we work with the kids and teenagers with all our energy and strength. This moment we are planning to help 15 churches with their day camps. We already held our first day camp in a local church. Here is what one of the leaders said about the day camp.

Hello my name is Gulya, and I’m a leader of the Sunday school ministry in my church. This year we had 44 children in our day camp. Only 24 of them were from our church; the others came from “M” families, and 16 kids were from the orphanage. I thank God that He brought all these kids to hear His truth. This is our second year to do the day camps. I really love it because I can see how the camps are changing kids’ lives.

Last year it was so difficult to make a day camp because I didn’t have helpers. But this year, some of parents whose children participated last year helped me with the camp. They saw how their kids were changed at the camp. Also some of the kids who were participants last year helped out this year.

Also a few participants shared:

I’m 9 years old. I loved this camp so much! I came to understood that I have a Perfect Friend who is more powerful than even Superman or Spiderman. My Perfect Friend really loves me. His name is Jesus and He is the Greatest Superhero. Girl Aikol, 9 years old.

I liked this camp. Here I understood that I can serve others, because Jesus served others. I’m only 10 years old, but I can serve other people. I can share the Gospel with my classmates and when I grow up, I can serve here at the camp as counselor. Boy Nazar, 10 years old.

Also we had a wonderful opportunity to participate in a seminar on Art Therapy put on by Partners International. We saw how God is using people in different ways to reach people’s hearts and heal broken souls. We learned how we can use Art Therapy in our churches as part of inner-healing, and as part of evangelization. What a good approach because it helps people to open their hearts.

Our dear friends, thank you for your prayers and support for us.

  1. We ask you to pray for us more, because now is the special time with all these day camps.
  2. Also please pray for the Youth Festival to be held in August. We still need finances for the festival, a very safe place to hold the festival, and powerful speakers to share how God is using their lives for His glory.

May God bless you all!

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