Building Relationships to Share the Gospel

Praise God for the opportunity to show Christ’s love and compassion to the family of N* and R*. They are a nominal Christian family and it has been a blessing building relationships together and getting to know them. When our relief team visited the family, they saw that the family was not very well off. The girls shared a threadbare mattress to sleep on and the family faced many other struggles. To the delight of N* and R*, we were able to gift them with a comfortable new bunk bed set! Thanks to God’s provision we were also able to give them a food box and help the girls go back to school, as they had not been attending because the family did not have enough money. Due to their financial situation, the family lives very simply and the girls never get the chance to go out anywhere. We had the pleasure of hosting them for a meal at our Connect Café, which everyone enjoyed very much.

At JEO, we build relationships with people in order to open the door for sharing the Gospel. Through practical expressions of Christ’s love and spending time together, we have now built a good relationship with this wonderful family. We will continue ministering to them and continue to pray that they will see Christ in us and, ultimately, accept Him into their hearts.

*Names redacted for security reasons


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  1. pr mark

    I am pastor Mark from Uganda and I am requesting to partner with you in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ across globe!


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