Bringing life

After visiting a family who fled from the Syrian Civil War for 5 years, around 3 months ago the older sister of the family told us she wanted to become a Christian. After so many years of receiving the love and support of the people who faithfully visited her family and listening to the stories of the Messiah, she arrived to the conviction that HE is the only way. After discipling her for a few months, last week we had the joy of baptizing her. We trust that the Lord will use her to bring the rest of her family to the feet of Jesus.


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  1. Jim

    One can read of tens of thousands coming to the Lord and be greatly encouraged, but, as He cares enough about each of us to count the hair of our heads, we too are blessed when we discover the wonderful work He is doing in the life of the individual. And so, what a blessing to hear of this decision to allow Jesus into the life of this one and the subsequent baptism. Praise God for all He is doing in and through your ministry.


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