Bringing God’s Healing to Invisible Injuries

Jani, one of our church leaders, received funds from Partners International to buy sewing machines for her small business. The funds were given by faithful supporters. Jani has built up a sewing center in her home. She invites local women to come and teaches them how to sew. At the same time, she is building good relationships. 

Healing Invisible Injuries

Over time, the women learned to trust one another, and Jani. Having no other place to share life’s challenges, they begin to open up about the difficulties they face. Most of their problems are related to family because in the local culture, “family” means first and foremost in-lawsFather and mother have a big influence on their son, and on his wife and children. 

The general problem the women face is that their husband does not take total responsibility for his family, including the children. The wife must to do most everything herself. So this sewing room becomes a place where the women can relax and open up about their problems. The women often ask Jani for advice. Her advice is based on God’s leading and the Bible, not on worldly knowledge. 

Please pray for these women, that they will seek and see God’s way and salvation. Pray too for Jani, that she will have God’s wisdom and power to work with the person who has invisible injuries. 

Name changed for security reasons.

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