Boys’ Home

INOI-boys home 2014


We had six boys in our group home. After completion of the academic year in May, two were returned to their families and four were placed in another home. Of these four, one is now with his sister. All are having their educational, health as well as spiritual life needs met.

The move was initially difficult for them but the boys have adjusted well and have shown progress in their health and education. Oasis continues to support their education and healthcare financially. We also make regular visits or phone calls to their homes.

One of our boys, Rahul*, has thrived since this transition. Rahul’s parents died when he was small and he was cared for in the Oasis’ residential home. Last year he successfully completed the Class 10 (high school board) exams. He was very happy to move to his home town and live with his extended family. His older brother, uncle, and aunt welcomed him home. He was enrolled in Class 11 and simultaneously has also completed a basic computer course. He stays at the local pastor’s house on the weekend so that he can attend church.



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