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  • Greetings

    Greetings from Central Asia in the name of our Lord! We are grateful for another fruitful year of ministry thanks in part to your ongoing support. Here are some highlights from the past six months: Free medical clinics were conducted in three villages. Asel’s surgery was successful. Village leaders learned about project and project writing. … Read more

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    Church Planter Training

    Our training center held sessions from March 2 to May 13, 2015. As part of the training, participants shared the Gospel with hundreds of people; with 20% of them becoming believers, and so far, one person has been baptized. It is very difficult to recruit new church planters because seminary students are trained mostly to … Read more

  • Church Planting Testimonies: Pastor “J”

    Pastor “J” — Prior to salvation, Pastor J was addicted to drugs and alcohol for several years. He was involved in many court cases due to criminal offenses and money matters. He saw no way out of this problem. He felt his life was useless — without hope, he wanted to commit suicide. It was … Read more

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  • MMCN-tachilek G H kids
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    For years, the government’s pressure kept increasing to close D Home. We had to move the children out during a time of persecution. The children are still staying with members of our local church. They are growing physically and spiritually and are praying for a day they can return to D Home. The home cares … Read more


    Our vision is to empower children in our region over the next 25 years who are neglected, rejected, hopeless, helpless, poor or orphaned by providing them with quality education in a safe and peaceful atmosphere. We want to raise a godly generation equipped to lead their nations. Our main objectives are to save children from … Read more

    Sponsor Children at School
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    Testimonies from Elijah House

    My name is Mariam. I am 14 and am in grade 8. Elijah House has been a blessing to me. Since I got enrolled, I have radically changed in all areas. Before, I had unrest anytime it was lunch time because we do not cook every day at home. Now I eat every day and … Read more


    For the Good News to go forth through our work at National Christian Fellowship of Bangladesh and Koinonia. For protection and provision of our office staff and various arms such as Koinonia. For the relief and development work that is still needed to help our believers and communities. For God to provide a qualified Christian … Read more

    BABF-Boys praying
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    Several woman’s groups were supported through micro-loans. These groups have been effective, mostly because they offer credit to storekeepers of the village. Out of that, a small group of businesses is born. In one area, the supported group produces local products and preserves them. There are also women who keep small shops. Also, we started … Read more

  • Community Outreach: Livelihood Program & Anti-trafficking

    Livelihood Program: Seventeen women enrolled in sewing classes, 13 of who successfully completed the course and received certificates. Women learned basic types of stitches, baby clothes and women’s wear — Indian clothes. All the women took this training very seriously. Eight women have purchased their own sewing machine and will start work from home. The … Read more

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  • BABF-Boys at evening prayer
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    For the hostel that is needed to house our needy school children. For our team to have extraordinary knowledge to encourage our workers, believers, children and widows. For protection and provision of our office staff, missionaries, and local leaders. For the relief and development work that is still needed to help our believers and communities. … Read more