Ministry Partner Organizations

  • Outreach to Children and Youth

        We provided school supplies to 400 students in the last year. We also were able to give 150 children warm clothes. We have a community of 200 youth who we disciple and mentor. We provide them with moral instruction, sports camps, computer training and other vocational trainings. We are in the planning stage … Read more

    INCO-lunchtime in slum area in Delhi.April 2015
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  • GMEC-ministry visit Lisa Jonas 12-2012 (8)
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    Agricultural and Milling Projects help to sustain Whole Families

      Agricultural Project There is now a banana plantation that employs a family of four. This project is caring for two families of more than 10 people each. One of the Muslim background believers from a remote village is also a beneficiary from the agricultural project with cassava and peanuts. We are hoping to grow … Read more

  • Hospital brings Medical Aid to Thousands

      Your support through Partners International has helped increase the standard of skill for our medical staff. Our hospital has had more than 11,000 patients over the last six months. Some patients have been healed by the prayers of medical staff. Muslims too have begun to be more accepting of prayers by Christian staff. We … Read more

    SEIS GIK Recipient Khuja Feb 2015
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  • INBF-North Indian gathering July 2014
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    Sending Workers

        Partners International supports several of our church planters. Bright Rebi Selvan writes: “I am continuing in the Lord’s ministry at N.S. Puram and also serving as Coordinator of the BFM ministries in the state of Tamil Nadu. God has given me opportunities to preach His Gospel in many villages. Many were touched by … Read more

  • Women’s Vocational Training

      Upon graduation, 312 women were awarded sewing machines. These machines provide a respectful livelihood for their families. According to a survey we conducted, more than 200 women have used their machines from August to December 2014 to make clothes for family members for various events. Almost every one of them made $300 USD during … Read more

    Roshan Life Ministry Update Spring 2015.pdf - Adobe Reader
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  • Africa Inland Church Ministry Update Spring 2015.pdf - Adobe Reader
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    Vocational Trainings in Tailoring and Handicrafts

      Tailoring Courses This year 32 women were trained to completion in tailoring skills out of a total of 40 who registered. They have learned how to use the tailoring machines available at the center. They have also learned how to design and cut different styles of clothing and sew and decorate them. The trainees … Read more

  • Boys’ Home

      We had six boys in our group home. After completion of the academic year in May, two were returned to their families and four were placed in another home. Of these four, one is now with his sister. All are having their educational, health as well as spiritual life needs met. The move was … Read more

    INOI-boys home 2014
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  • Kawkikete Community Outreach Update Spring 2015.pdf - Adobe Reader1
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    Koudoti Farm

      We started a farm on our acreage to promote self-help and community development. The farm provides a framework to train local farmers in new production techniques and instill awareness of the need to manage natural resources in a reproducible manner. A change in local behavior is the first and most important result of the … Read more

  • Dance Instructor Enlisted by Church Planter ends up Following Christ

      Who would have imagined that one of our church planters would meet up with a dance instructor in a village in West Java? The young man whom we’ll refer to as Ari is an 18-year-old talented dancer who became a dance instructor in his school. Our church planter knew his calling was to form … Read more

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  • CHRM-Timothy reads result of blood test for migrant workers Jan 20141
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    Traditional Medicine helps Immune Systems

    We are thankful that during 2014, 10 poor HIV/AIDS patients received traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Only one of them saw CD4 levels dropping (which means the function of the immune system is declining). Others’ CD4 levels are all generally increasing and getting healthier. One of these people helped by traditional medicine is now growing in … Read more