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  • God’s equal love for women: redefining Women’s Equality Day

      By Cari Johnson, Partners International Women’s Director Today is Women’s Equality Day. Many women would be quick to fist pump the air and give an emphatic “Yes!” adding that women can do anything men can do — maybe even better in their own opinions. As happy as I am that the equality of women … Read mored

    In the stalls outside Phnom Penh's central market.
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  • Reaching Himalaya - AUGUST 2016
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    Education to the Needy

    D D is from a village known as P which is close to the China border. D D is one of the four children. We were scared to even think of educating our children as we come from a very poor economic background and it is beyond our reach. Through the Sponsor A Child project my … Read mored

  • New opportunities

    “I was very isolated, afraid to open up and make friends. God healed me and gave me a new way to look at people and accept them.” S “Although I studied many years ago at the Timothy School, this year I came with my wife. We both learned a lot and God gave us an … Read mored

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  • Pakistan
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    What Would you Answer?

    …If you were asked by a judge whether or not you are a follower of Jesus? Before you answer, consider the following. You are living in a country where it is illegal to convert to Christianity. The judge who demands an answer is anti-Christian. If you answer that you are indeed a follower of Jesus, … Read mored

  • Mission Center

    I visited the site with Rene during his visit. He was excited at the work done so far and encouraged us to continue to work hard and trust in God for the completion of the project. Currently, an extended roof for the veranda of the first floor has been completed. Additionally, a balustrade and hand-rail … Read mored

    GHCO-Mission Center Extended roof balustrade1.May 2016
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  • General Ministry Fund - Cahaya Suku, Indonesia
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    Sponsor a Child: H and Y

    Their father was a shaman who attempted to heal people with black magic before he came to Christ. We believe that H and Y were affected by their father’s job. They didn’t have any desire to go to school, and their parents didn’t urge them to get an education. After their father become a follower … Read mored

  • Community Development

    Through this project, we hope to empower village leaders to start development in their communities through planning projects. During the next six months, we will add another three lessons for the leaders conference, which began in January and runs till June. We have been holding monthly conferences for village leaders. We’ve trained village leaders in … Read mored

    Health Education in One Village
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  • MoroccoPeople07
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    The Lord Has Given Her a Special Gift.

    Hayat* is a young lady of 24 years of age that was born with hearing loss. Just when she was four or five years old, her parents discovered that she had this hearing problem. Until then they had treated her like she had a mental disability, being slighted and developing a feeling of poor self-esteem. … Read mored

  • Animal Bank-Goat

    The Northern Maradi project continues to grow in the sense that some other organizations adopt it to serve the needy people. Even though we have our own challenges as to sustaining the Habbanaye system, beneficiaries of the project judge it helpful. Mantau, a rural pastor said: “My wife benefitted from the Habbanaye project. She received 2 … Read mored

    NEEW-Habanaye Project3.Feb 2016
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  • woman proudly carries her goods to market
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    Empowering Women

    During the last half of 2015, 284 women received training in nutrition and 397 malnourished babies received help. This program has helped save more than a dozen children and their mothers. Nutrition is combined with biblical stories in our target villages. Regarding nutrition, we are in need of vitamins for malnourished children, weighing scales, and … Read mored