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  • Massive Aftershock Hits Nepal

    A massive 7.3 magnitude aftershock hit Nepal today, terrorizing a population already jittery from the first 7.8-magnitude quake on April 25. It’s reported that at least 42 people were killed and more than 1,117 injured so far.  Here are some updates from our ministry partners in area: “Recent earthquake once again terrorized the people of … Read more

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  • Nepalese Women
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    Aftermath of the earthquake: needs abound, help begins

    . GIVE NOW . As our partner ministries have traveled to outlying villages that dot the Himalayas in Nepal, they have encountered a sense of hopelessness at every level. The people’s needs are overwhelming, all encompassing. The list is a set of echoes that blur together with their magnitude and frequency. They have no food. … Read more

  • Sponsored children still unaccounted for, five days after quake

    From Reaching Himalayas Center, Sponsor a Child Coordinator “I have never been in this kind of crisis. It is very much painful and heartbreaking. Some of my relatives and church members got hurt, and they have lost their dear ones. Please continue pray for me and my family as well as my relatives and church … Read more

    RH_00_0005 Chiring Jyamyang Nupa
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  • 1024px-Aid_airdrop_over_Mirebalais_2010-01-21_3
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    Relief is just the beginning

      By Alli Wyman, Partners International writer/graphic designer To be clear, if you give $50,000 to Partners International for Nepal, we will not go out and buy $50,000 worth of water bottles and give them out tomorrow. Here is why: Disaster response works best when we all take the roles we are trained and equipped for. … Read more

  • Nepal Earthquake Update

    From Carlos Calderon, Vice President – International Ministries  News has been coming in trickles from Nepal since the earthquake struck. We’ve heard from all the Ministry Partner leaders in Nepal, have not from the Sponsor a Child kids. The news is very descriptive. Utilities are not quite working, water is a problem, people are sleeping in … Read more

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  • Melissa-Anderson
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    Right Before the Nepal Earthquake

    From Melissa Anderson, Partners International Board Member “While in Nepal a few days prior to the earthquake, we were touched by the local church’s commitment to serve Christ in the midst of poverty.  We met pastors who faithfully serve congregations on only a few dollars a month, and church planters who trek for days through … Read more

  • Three things you can do to help Nepal

        Many of us are watching from afar following Saturday’s 7.9-magnitude earthquake as buildings lay in ruins in Kathmandu and people sleep on the streets. Each day, the number of casualties climbs. This can bring a sense of helplessness. What can you and I do in the wake of such vast need? The truth … Read more

    Nepal Kathmandu Feb 2015 (79)
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    From Manoj, National Churches Fellowship of Nepal-Leadership Training Department “Thank you for praying for Nepal and my safe journey. I arrived yesterday evening after 36 hours journey. My family and other staff members along with their family members are fine. Continue to pray.”

  • Why we send medicine

    We have $8.8 million worth of donated medical supplies for West Africa. We need $73,500 for shipping. Can you help? Each $1 donated for shipping will send $120 worth of medicine!  Who it helps… Undernutrition is a formidable foe in West Africa. It accounts for nearly half of all deaths of children under 5 years old. … Read more

    The little boy kissing his empty bottle of Animal shaped  vitamins
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  • Nepal Kathmandu Feb 2015 (141)(Edit 2)
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    Shaken, but not destroyed after Nepal earthquake

    From Paul, Reaching Himalayas Center ministry leader When the Nepal earthquake struck, we were in a church service. Reaching Himalayas Center office is cracked, and the computers are damaged. My house is damaged as well. Aftershocks are still a grave concern. As a result, many of us are sleeping in the streets, bracing ourselves for the … Read more