Blessed with Education in a Rural Village

Our Sponsor a Child ministry has been providing education for the unreached and needy children in the Himalayas for many years. This ministry has been a blessing to many children in this area, as this is the only way many of them would have been able to get any education. Through the school, they are also able to hear the Gospel message – many for the first time.

In the photo is Sangjema.  She is eleven years old with five other siblings, and her parents have very little income with which to raise their family. She lives a long distance away from school, so she always wakes up early to take care of her other siblings before making the trip. Every day when she comes home, she has a lot of chores to do while her parents are at work. She is a very hard working child – she is the only child from their family who goes to school, and she has many other responsibilities on top of her studies. Her parents are unable to afford the school fees for their other children, so Sangjema feels blessed to have an opportunity to attend school.

She always tell her teachers that she want to become a teacher in future, so that she can teach poor children in rural villages as they do. She personally wants to thank the supporters of this ministry, as it is because of them that she is able to attend school. She hopes that in future her siblings will be able to share in this blessing as well.

Please keep her family in your prayers – that they will come to accept God as their Savior – and for her other siblings – that they will also receive support to get their education. Pray as well for the school she attends. Because of heavy rain the school has been forced to stay closed, but the children still have lessons that need to be finished. Pray that the rain would let up, and school could resume. There has also been a virus going around the village, and many children have already gotten sick. Please keep all of the children in your prayers – that God would heal them completely.

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  1. jennifer

    Please advise how much to sponsor a child monthly.

    • Partners International

      Hello Jennifer, Sponsoring a child is $35 a month.


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