Blessed by Goats and Thankful

Since gaining freedom from France in 1960, Niger’s 19 million people have suffered through many coups and military regimes. The instability has stalled economic growth and development, leaving the majority of the population desperately poor. The average life expectancy is under 55 years. 

One way that Ministry Partner Ba-lyaka seeks to soften hearts and in time bring the Gospel to Nigeriens is by gifting goats to needy families. This project is strategic because people in the area face famine. Most could not afford to buy a goat. When the ministry gives a goat, they also cover costs for the goat’s food, vaccinations, and water. 

In Goulbawa village in the center of Niger, a group of women recently reported on the benefits of the goat distribution in their community. Maimouna shared the following:

We have been richly blessed to receive the gift of a goat. My family and I have benefited a lot and we continue to benefit from the contribution of these animals. We have regular milk almost daily. Our families are healthy, especially our children. The children love to care for the animals. We find joy in the faces of all our families.

As the animals give birth, we in turn offer a kid to women who have not benefited previously. Many in our village have received at least one goat. Even the head of our village is happy because both of his wives received animals. 

Words fail us to say thank you. If we could open our hearts, you would see how happy we are. Our wish is that this opportunity be present in the surrounding villages. Then our neighbors would regain a smile on their lips. It is a true love that has been given to us. Only those who love can do this. We offer our thanks to all who have had a part in blessing us with goats.

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