Bibles for the New Generation

Bibles for the New Generation1

Students are starting a new school year this month, and with this new year brings us new opportunities to bring the Word of God into the hands of this young generation. We were able to give out Bibles to these students at their schools, and during our distribution we shared with them Bible stories of people who struggled or were challenged in the same way we are today. Despite these challenges, the people in the stories we shared put their trust and faith in God, and that’s how they managed to overcome their weaknesses and become heroes of faith. After sharing, we were encouraged to see several of the children start to read right away.

One of the mothers who took a Bible for her daughter told us that her daughter would be very excited to have her own Bible to read and study, as she has lots of questions and an appetite to know more about God and what He wants for her life. Many of the teenagers that we talked to received Bibles for the first time in their lives that day, because reading the Scripture on a personal basis is not emphasized by the church or parents here in the Holy Land. Often, the only time anyone hears the Scripture being read is during church with other believers. We believe that this is the first step that will encourage this generation to start reading the Word of God for themselves, and as a result be motivated to experience God through a personal relationship.

Julie was one of the girls who received a personal Bible for the first time. She told us that her favorite story that Jesus told was the story of the lost sheep. She was so glad to receive her own Bible, and she started reading right away.

The age group that we primarily target is teenagers, as they are still forming their religious beliefs. They also do not have strongly rooted values about the Christian faith, mainly due to their upbringing. Parents are not often interested in transferring their Christian and traditional heritage on to their children.

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