Being Missionaries Right Here, Right Now

Dear friends, warm greetings from Central Asia, it has been a very hard time for us and we know it has been hard for you. I and half of our team were struggling with COVID-19 and pneumonia, but thanks to God, that He protected us and our country. Today a lot of people are asking about God and are very open to hear about Him.  

Like many other places, we were on lockdown during the pandemic, but our government didn’t have enough money to help those who lost their jobs. Here and there we heard requests of people who did not have even basic food for the day, and we had to do something. Even though we could not come together as a team, we could still bring God’s blessing to people around us. Through our churches and neighborhoods, we began to help our neighbors, older people, and those who lost their jobs. We started with little steps, but God multiplied our efforts with His blessing. Some people started to donate money or food supplies and we distributed many food packages.

It was really a miracle that having such limited resources, given that our church members were also affected by the pandemic, we still managed to form big food packages, providing enough for 1 month to the average-sized family.

 Here’s one story of how a married couple, our team members, chose to be salt and light in their neighborhood.

Hello! My name is Amy*. My husband and I work for Camp Adonai and we have a one-year-old boy. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was really scared for my family. When you are on your own – you can take care of yourself, but when you have a family, especially a child – you realize the danger. My first desire was to stay inside the house and never go out until it was over. But my husband said, “In this time of despair and fear, how can we be silent about the hope that we have in the Lord and his Kingdom?!”.

His words changed my mind and we went outside and started to ask our neighbors what they needed. The majority just wanted food, because they lost their income. We didn’t have enough food to share with all those in need, we didn’t have enough money, but we had enough faith in God’s mercy. We started to pray and ask who could help in our area, and we found a group of people that gave us funds, so we went and bought enough food for our neighbors. Through that we built very good relationships with our neighbors.

We also launched a small income-generation project with local women. We made hand-made training materials for children to sell. As women, we were able to help each other emotionally as we worked together and were also able to earn a little money for those families.

Another way we helped was by distributing clothes for those in need. We organized a share point, where people could take what they needed for a standard price – 10 som. Our friends and local Christians donated the clothes, and we used the money earned to buy food for needy neighbors.   

KGCA July Aug 2020 Update

In addition, since children in the neighborhood would play outside day and night, my husband organized games with them. Now they show up at our door daily asking him to come and play. Whenever he has time, he spends it with kids in the neighborhood. As a teacher, I organized an outdoor English club for kids, where they can learn and play. This is very important for children here, because most of them do not have enough attention from their parents and do not have an opportunity for better education.

God taught us a good lesson through this time. Right after my husband and I got married, we were thinking of studying in a seminary and then going to Africa for mission. Now I see, God is calling His children to be missionaries right here, right now, even at our homes.

 At the beginning of the pandemic I was hiding at home. Today I know that God gave us a mission and I won’t stop!

This is a little testimony of how God’s work is continuing during the pandemic.

Also, these days we are running a sports camp for teenagers, it’s called Sport Life 3D. We want to show teenagers how it is important to move forward. Sport Life 3D is 3 digits, moving forward by training our body, our soul and our spirit. The main theme of this camp is growing holistically in these 3 digits.

We will share about this camp in the next blog, please pray for us and pray for this camp. May God show those teenagers how it is important to grow holistically. May God fully bless each of you!

With love,

Camp Adonai team

*Names changed for security.

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